sailboat with team at work
sailboat with team at work


A team of internationally experienced facilitators, trainers and coaches

For years, all over the world, we have been creating the most favorable conditions for the formation of cohesive, prepared teams that can interpret reality and make decisions with courage and responsibility, to take their projects to their destination, toward individual and corporate goals.

Concepts and values

People first

The development of human potential is at the heart of the project.

The success of any team stems from the interdependence between people
We entrust each organization to the best abilities of its members, providing them with tools, techniques and learning methods to improve performance, both as individuals and as members of a team.

Different needs

We create tailored learning experiences for individuals, teams, and organizations

Our interventions vary depending on the type of trip to be taken
It is the values and goals of each journey that make it unique. We customize our services according to the route companies chart to achieve their goals and, consequently, the performance they want to express, reasoning about the conditions the sea offers every day.


Designing excellent work together, day after day

Reliable routes, flexible sailing
Precisely because each voyage is its own story, we work together with the crew at every stage of the project: from planning to timely monitoring of the team's development path. We continually seek ideas, insights, knowledge and practical skills to improve and achieve the desired goals.

New perspectives

The best way is in the eyes of those who can observe the context

A competent and creative look at the reality of organizations
Often the greatest difficulties in solving problems stem from limited perspectives in framing them: thanks to our working method, people learn to observe each scenario-strategic or operational-in its complexity, in order to redraw a more readable map of it and find the most effective solutions in a simple and autonomous way.    


Different approaches for a single goal.

This is our team, ready to walk your sea. 

Experiencing the social, technical and economic context of the organization is like exploring the nautical environment: waves, currents, wind. If the course charted is unique, the integrated view of its dimensions is valuable.

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Join the team