The journeys we have made, the crews we have trained, and the destinations we have reached

Leadership Framework

Change in global markets is pushing companies into profound transformations, affecting both organizational structure and people management. This impact is reflected in the leadership model, which is fundamental to corporate management. The creation or modification of this model is a process that defines corporate culture, a set of principles that characterize the organization at all levels. The culture, often only partially documented, is learned through daily experience. The leadership model translates the explicit and implicit elements of culture into observable behaviors, providing a common language. Changing the model involves deciding how to work and interact, adapting the organization to the changing needs of the context.

Mystery shopping, from a development perspective

Our Client, an important jewelry Maison, asked us to objectively and anonymously evaluate the actions of Retailers who distribute its creations throughout Italy. These were the objectives of the Mystery shopping program: to assess customer experiences and sales skills available in the field; to build an objective and shared picture of the strengths of retail operators; to identify best practices, which support positive results in the indirect channel; and to enable the Brand to assess whether/how to promote and disseminate these practices to all Retailers and import them into its own retail structure.

Mentoring: connecting people, developing the organization

Our Client, a world leader in the luxury sector, has launched a new Mentoring program aimed at guiding an emerging generation of talent to: grow in the organization, building relationships and sharing meaningful experiences across geographic, cultural and role differences; strengthen a sense of belonging to the Group, which integrates Absolutely Prestigious Brands; and facilitate the flow of ideas and energy from business strategies to management decisions to operations. To support the Client's global program, Perspective designed and implemented a pathway to strengthen relationships of guidance, support and mutual inspiration. The initiative involved 25 Mentor / Mentee pairs belonging to the structures of 7 Brands in 6 locations, distributed in 4 countries in Europe and Asia; the meetings took place in presence and online, in pairs and in groups, over 6 months.

Leadership skills and motivation

Forty-five call center team coordinators were challenged by the demotivation of many team members, who had been working for several years now performing repetitive tasks with the feeling that they were poorly supported by their managers.

Team development and coaching

A large team with a presence in eight countries faced with major challenges in terms of personal commitment, team dynamics and business results.


A successful leader who was already in a managerial role would have the opportunity to be promoted and expand his or her responsibilities if he or she could overcome some critical weaknesses within a set deadline.

Designing a catalog

In addition to the development of the catalog and related materials, the constant collaboration between our design team and the client, we devoted ourselves to the elaboration of an entire three-year development path, collected and presented in a branded catalog.

Long-term management development

In some cases many people were reluctant to change, and in others uncertain about the evolution of management style and habits. The company's 250 managers had previously received limited training in soft skills.