Team development and coaching

A large team with a presence in eight countries faced with major challenges in terms of personal commitment, team dynamics and business results.

After launching the training through a motivational event, four workshops were held to redefine old expectations and establish new ones, as well as provide an opportunity to untangle "knots" that were undermining communication within the team. To turn good intentions into concrete actions, we introduced a broad and clear monitoring plan, interspersed with motivational meetings in a virtual environment.

Key Actions

Coaching sessions

Coaching sessions proved to be an important turning point in team development, transferring the importance of listening and coaching skills to managers. Regular contacts increased spontaneous exchanges.


1. Involvement

For the first time in years, regional teams experienced an increase in employee engagement, largely attributed to the increased participation of regional managers and their renewed ability to convey motivation and hope.

2. Cohesion

Manager team cohesion has improved dramatically in all countries involved, with stronger and deeper connection through sharing experiences in synchronous and asynchronous sharing rooms organized on a formal and informal basis.

3. Best practice.

Participants were able to create rules for working together, establishing their best practices and identifying the most appropriate KPIs for evaluating results.