Mentoring: connecting people, developing the organization

Our Client, a world leader in the luxury sector, has launched a new Mentoring program aimed at guiding an emerging generation of talent to: grow in the organization, building relationships and sharing meaningful experiences across geographic, cultural and role differences; strengthen a sense of belonging to the Group, which integrates Absolutely Prestigious Brands; and facilitate the flow of ideas and energy from business strategies to management decisions to operations. To support the Client's global program, Perspective designed and implemented a pathway to strengthen relationships of guidance, support and mutual inspiration. The initiative involved 25 Mentor / Mentee pairs belonging to the structures of 7 Brands in 6 locations, distributed in 4 countries in Europe and Asia; the meetings took place in presence and online, in pairs and in groups, over 6 months.

Key Actions

The course kicked off with an in-person Kick Off day, where the program's aims and methods were shared and participants' initial expectations were gathered: divided between Mentor and Mentee, they identified the learning points and communication and collaboration tools they most wanted to acquire through the Mentoring experience.

Having shared and compared these reflections at the group level (Mentor and Mentee together), the working pairs officially formed and began to chart the different one-to-one paths, according to a general scheme proposed by Perspective, focused on growth goals and modes of interaction explicitly defined by both actors in the relationship.


The pairs planned and carried out their meetings (on average monthly, with ample flexibility and autonomy with respect to the different goals of the participants) aiming at mutual exchange of views, knowledge, best practices, professional contacts and references, and constructive feedback .

Perspective accompanied Mentor/Mentee pairs all along the way, through:

- an agile and structured survey to record participants' expectations and align Mentoring actions accordingly,

- a mid-term workshop, in which to gather and overcome any doubts, perplexities, difficulties and in which to give space for discussion on the relationships and development strategies experienced,

- two mini-series of webinars dedicated to the two groups of participants, with facilitation of cross-cutting tools(assertiveness, self-awareness, career planning) declined in the complementary perspectives of Mentor and Mentee.


The course closes with a half-day in-person meeting, during which participants:

- draw a creative and logical map of the route taken,

- summarize and evaluate the results achieved,

- share suggestions, observations and useful advice to maintain valuable informal relationships so that the completion of the business program is the basis for continuous development processes.


For Mentors: Transferring skills and know-how is a powerful way to bring new value to one's experience, fueling motivation and generating a new overall view of one's role in the organization.

For Mentees: More assertiveness, balance and incisiveness in proposing innovation, challenging the status quo, providing upward feedback, actively driving cultural change in the Group.

For the Client Organization: Strengthening leadership styles (coaching/support) and skills(listening, empathy, developmental feedback) that current and future leaders can apply in guiding employees through change.