Designing a catalog

In addition to the development of the catalog and related materials, the constant collaboration between our design team and the client, we devoted ourselves to the elaboration of an entire three-year development path, collected and presented in a branded catalog.

Key Actions

Creative thinking

The design team applied their creative thinking methodology to add the most appropriate level of disruption and create a metaphor applicable to the business world, providing the client with a compelling and lasting new look & feel in line with the company's brand identity.

To ensure that the skills were put into practice on a day-to-day basis, key business leaders were consulted about the quality of the final results before the launch.

Together with the customer, we created a feedback loop to ensure that the opinions of early adopters were collected and considered in the fine-tuning phase, prior to the final version.


1. Positive and lasting change

The Catalog laid the foundation for the "Corporate University"; the people of the company became a real driver of positive and lasting change.

2. Enthusiasm

Creating the catalog and preparing for delivery ignited the enthusiasm and desire to expand our client's knowledge and skills.

3. Study group

A study group was created internally to update the contents of the catalog and make them suitable for the company's development needs.