A successful leader who was already in a managerial role would have the opportunity to be promoted and expand his or her responsibilities if he or she could overcome some critical weaknesses within a set deadline.

We set the goals together with the team leader, his direct supervisor, and HR, evaluating business and personal goals. For six months, the coachee had one coaching session per month and was supported remotely during the six months. A mid-term review and a final meeting with the direct manager allowed for evaluation of the learning journey and final results.

Key Actions

Continuous dialogue and monitoring

Focus on coachee's strengths to use to compensate for weaknesses.

Ongoing dialogue with business contacts revolving around the coachee.

Constant monitoring of the development of the coachee's behavior between sessions.


1. Self-awareness

Strong growth in self-awareness of his new role, expectations, and acquisition of new leadership skills.

2. Leadership skills

Achievement of promotion through stakeholder recognition of the manager's improved leadership skills